Migrating from CMS navigation to WPML

Migrating from CMS navigation to WPML

WPML includes the functionality called CMS Navigation, with several important enhancements. It generates clearer HTML code, which means it is easier to customize and can be controlled from the administrator screen.

The old CMS Browsing procedure cannot be activated in conjunction with WPML. Here’s what you’ll need to do to be able to migrate:

    • Replace the old navigation elements in your Theme with the new ones.
    • Turn off CMS Navigation.
    • Activate WPML

If you do this in that exact order, the migration process will be simple.

Replace the previous CMS Navigation elements with those of WPML

For the purpose of displaying the main menu ears, breadcrum addresses and navigation sidebar, your Theme includes calls to CMS Navigation features. We will need to replace these procedures with new calls to WPML.

Once you have done this, your website will look normal but without the CMS navigation elements. do_action calls will generate the correct output (provided that WPML is enabled) or operate cleanly without displaying PHP errors (if WPML is not active yet).

Exchange the CMS Navigation plugin for the WPML plugin

Turn off the CMS Navigation plugin. WPML will not respond as long as the previous plugin remains active.

Get the latest version of WPML from the WordPress Plugin Replenishment page and open the zip in the directory containing your plugins (you can also use the WordPress auto-install feature, which looks for WPML). Activate WPML and you’ll be there soon.